Jonathan Edwards (M.Div, Th.M) has served churches in various roles for the past 10 years, from music and creative arts/graphic design to serving and equipping college students. He is the Director of Curriculum for Docent Research Group, where he also serves as a lead writer. He and his wife live in Durham, North Carolina, where he is pursuing his Ph.D at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He is passionate about helping people see the gospel, God making a way for his children to be a part of His family through the death and resurrection of His Son, Christ, as not merely good news, but glad news, news that brings joy, peace, and freedom.

He is the author of Left: The Struggle to Make Sense of Life When a Parent leaves [Nashville: Rainer Publishing, 2016], available now.

The Struggle to Make Sense of Life When a Parent Leaves

What does it feel like to watch a parent pack up their things and move out? What happens in the child’s mind; the child whose been left behind?

Peer inside the child’s heart, a heart trying to sort through the pieces of what remains of their once-held-together family, struggling to survive.

Grieve. Heal. Forgive.

Then marvel anew at Christ, the Redeemer.

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